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ICSBOC2016 seeks abstracts regarding maintenance and operation of major cable supported bridges. We invite the submission of abstracts for consideration by the Steering Committee and Technical Review Panel.

For the first time, ICSBOC will be accepting abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. Learn more about the poster guidelines.

The Steering Committee and Technical Review Panel will be responsible for the selection of oral presentations and posters from the submitted abstracts. Oral presentations will be grouped into sessions related to specified topics. Poster presentations will be featured at a dedicated time in the conference schedule.

Abstracts for all accepted papers may be posted online.

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Suggested Topics

Paper topics
  1. Instrumentation and structural health monitoring
  2. Serviceability
  3. Sustainability
  4. Inspection and maintenance strategies for cable supported bridges
  5. Designing for inspection, maintenance and replacement
  6. Moving from frequency based to risk based inspection for big bridges
  7. Inspection, monitoring and strength evaluation of main cables and stays
  8. Wearing surfaces and waterproofing on orthotropic steel decks
  9. Access systems for maintenance and inspections
  10. Dehumidification of main cables
  11. Access and containment for protective coatings โ€“ challenges and successes
  12. Expansion joints and bearings โ€“ durability and replacement
  13. Fatigue life of orthotropic decks
  14. Application of Brim and BIM on cable supported bridges
  15. Extending the life of cable supported bridges -service life, life cycle costs, and asset management
  16. Maintenance and replacement of cables and components
  17. And other great developing topics we need to know about in order to develop world class maintenance programs!

Poster topics
  1. Operational and Maintenance traffic safety
  2. Case studies on maintenance and rehabilitation
  3. Community engagement successes of cable supported bridges
  4. Application of Brim and BIM on cable supported bridges
  5. Control center operations
  6. Winter maintenance
  7. Going Green
  8. Other great successes we should see and hear about!


How to Submit an Abstract

Authors who wish to give an oral presentation or poster should submit an abstract adhering to the following instructions:

Abstract Title
The title of your abstract should not exceed 20 words.
Abstract Text

The abstract should be submitted in English and include no table numbers, figure numbers, references, appendices, or displayed mathematical expressions. It should be suitable for direct inclusion in an abstract booklet or on the conference website.

The text of the abstract should not exceed 400 words for an oral paper or 200 words for a poster presentation. Conference participants rely heavily on the titles and abstracts to identify papers and posters of special interest. Please take great care in constructing both.

Please do NOT enter the author information in the abstract submission area. This information will be collected from the author information as entered in separate fields.

Authors may present up to two abstracts, though their names may appear on other abstracts. All presenters are required to register for the conference.


The abstract submission site will require you to select a primary topic in the case of an oral presentation and a primary and a secondary topic for a poster presentation. Please select the topic most relevant to your abstract.

Please note, the Steering Committee and Technical Review Panel maintain the flexibility to assign your presentation to another topic, if is it determined by the Steering Committee or Technical Review Panel to be better suited to another topic category.


The abstract submission procedure will ask for up to five keywords to describe your abstract.


an abstract for
An oral presentation

A poster presentation



Questions regarding your abstract or the submission procedure may be directed to ICSBOC2016@agendamanagers.com.