Halifax Harbour Bridges is embarking on a significant and necessary project beginning in early 2015: the replacement of the suspended spans of Macdonald Bridge. The bridge remains safe, but after 60 years the deck is wearing out and needs to be replaced. The project, also known as The Big Lift, aims to extend the life of the bridge and reduce maintenance.

The Big Lift includes: replacing the road deck, floor beams, stiffening trusses and suspender ropes on the suspended spans of the Macdonald Bridge. When The Big Lift is complete, a significant amount of the bridge infrastructure will be new.

The bridge will be open to vehicular traffic during the day. The work will be done mostly with overnight and several weekend bridge closures over the 18-month period.

This is only the second time that the suspended spans of a suspension bridge will be replaced while keeping the bridge open to traffic. The first time was on the Lions Gate Bridge about a decade ago. The Lions Gate Bridge is the sister bridge to the Macdonald Bridge, also designed by P.L. Pratley.

For more information about The Big Lift project, please visit thebiglift.ca.

Time-Lapse – Macdonald Bridge