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The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is Atlantic Canada’s centre for domestic, regional and international flight service. Halifax may be reached by direct flights from many major destinations—it is geographically the closest city in Canada from Boston and New York and is also one hour closer to Europe than any other major North American city. Direct flights are available from many international cities including Boston, New York, Washington, London, Glasgow, Paris, Frankfurt and many others.
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Getting to Downtown Halifax

The airport is located 30 minutes from downtown Halifax, and offers a number of transport options to the city including limousine services, car rental companies, taxi services and shuttle buses.

Car: Taxi and Limousine Services

Taxi and limousine services are available curbside in the arrivals area for all arriving flights. A one-way trip to Halifax city centre is $63 by taxi or limousine.
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Bus: MetroTransit

Halifax’s public transit system, MetroTransit, provides bus service from the airport to Halifax’s downtown core. Buses feature luggage racks, air-conditioning, and bike racks. Buses departing from the airport to downtown begin service at 5:45 am Monday – Friday and run every half hour. On weekends, buses departing from the airport to downtown begin service at 5:15 am and run every 60 minutes. MetroTransit does not offer services past midnight.
MetroTransit bus fares may only be paid in exact change: Adult: $3.50; Senior and Child: $2.75; Student: $3.50
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Shuttle: MetroX 320 with Airport Service

The Airport Express is the easiest and most cost effective way to get to and from the airport in Halifax. The Airport Express will pick you up from the airport and take you to the front entrance of your hotel, as well as pick you up from the hotel lobby and bring you to the airport for your departure.
Reservations only. One-way: $22, or Return-trip at $40. Children under 12 free. Prices include tax.
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Not Travelling by Air?

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